Fibrant Residential Packages 


  • The fastest Internet in Salisbury, with up to 1 Gigabit upload/download speeds! No one else is faster!
  • No modem fees or hidden charges
  • Symmetrical internet speeds
  • Speeds from 50x50 Mbps (megabits per second) to 1x1 Gigabits
  • Fibrant will help you go wireless!
  • Free email provided with each internet service
  • Fibrant offers routers, installation and support
  • Video gamers can enjoy brilliant graphics, crisp sound and competitive speeds
50x50 Mbps
(Was 20x20 Mbps)
75x75 Mbps
(Was 30x30 Mbps)
100x100 Mbps
(Was 50x50 Mbps)
1x1 Gigabits
(Was 100x100 Mbps)


New video packages include new features like remote DVR, new channels and more HD options! Packages have been simplified from six to five packages. All existing customers are receiving the closest corresponding package. New packages in effect as of June 18, 2014. Please call a customer service representative at (704) 638-5300 for more details.

  • Watch sports, movies and network programming in vivid High Definition (HD)
  • Premium channels, DVR and On Demand at your fingertips
  • Fibrant features over 450 channels, including over 100 HD channels and 50 music channels
  • Fibrant also has a Hispanic tier with over 20 channels
  • Fibrant TV includes integrated games, widgets, teleconferencing and more
  • Six TV packages available from $37 per month
Starting at $42/month
+ 2 STBs 
+ 42 channels 
(8 HD)
(Firstep equivalent)
Starting at $76/month
Includes BASIC 
+ 1 DVR, 1 STB 
+ 154 channels (60 HD)
(Essential equivalent)
Starting at $98/month
Includes BRONZE 
+ 88 channels 
(50 Music)
(Deluxe equivalent)
Starting at $102/month
Includes SILVER
+ 11 unique channels
(Classic equivalent)
Starting at $164/month
Includes GOLD
Over 400 channels (Over 110 HD)
+ All four Premium packages
(All-In equivalent)


Crisp, clear phone service with 16 features that meet any need. Features include: Online Access, Anonymous Call Rejection, Call Block, Call Forward, Caller ID, Three-Way Calling and Voicemail to Email.

  • Fibrant's reception is crystal clear and uninterrupted
  • Free activation - no hidden fees
  • Unlimited long distance within the United States
  • Low international rates
  • Easy to switch, since you can keep your current number

For more detail about our great packages,
please consult our specialists. Call (704) 638-5300.

View our entire channel listing here.